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A special Entrepreneurship program launched by the Amazon India

Earn upto INR 75000 per seller. Grab the opportunity to work with world No. 1 leading eCommerce company AMAZON.

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Master the Amazon eCommerce, business from zero knowledge and skill to pro level skills.

INR 5000

Enroll now and SAVE INR 1500/- & Get BONUSES Worth – INR 4795/-

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What is ATES

Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist (ATES) is the first of its kind entrepreneurship program launched by Amazon, for entrepreneurs small/medium businesses and large organizations to partner with the Amazon to onboard sellers and train and guide for the success on the world’s leading platform. The program provides unlimited earning opportunities by onboarding new sellers and by helping the existing sellers.

Benefits of ATES

  • Earn Unlimited
    Work as an individual or create an organization to on-board sellers and earn upto INR 75000 for every seller you launch on Amazon.
  • Escape 9-5
    Become a freelancer E-Commerce Specialist and be your own boss, work on your time and schedule and get rid of 9-5 job.
  • Get Professionally Trained
    Get trained by the experts on the e-commerce field and get guidence and mentorship for a year from the field experts.
  • Get Hired
    Enhance your skill to be the proficient in the eCommerce domain and get hired by your dream companies in digitalized era.

Course Content

  • ATES program Introduction
  • Payout Structure from Amazon
  • Seller Account Management payout
  • Partner support from Amazon
  • ATES Profile
  • ATES opportunities
  • Seller Account Management payout
  • Partner support from Amazon
  • Amazon Seller Account Introduction
  • Amazon seller registration criteria
  • How to become a seller on Amazon
  • Process of registration of a seller
  • Seller Account Set-up
  • Seller Dashboard set-up
  • Shipping settings overview
  • Shipping charges and policies Set-up
  • GST overview
  • Amazon tax (GST) coding system overview
  • Product Tax Codes
  • SKU coding system
  • Product ID requirements
  • Product ID Exemption Criteria
  • Product ID Exemption application process
  • Product imaging Best practices
  • Product Title: Best practices
  • Product listing basics
  • New product listing in seller catalogue
  • Product mapping
  • One by one product listing
  • Establishing Parent -Child relation
  • Creating product variation
  • Product listing in bulk
  • Product listing using Flat files
  • Listing Loader overview
  • Listing procedure using Listing Loader
  • Product detail page overrview
  • Product listing: Things to know
  • Product listing: Best practices
  • Inventory management
  • Pricing management
  • Automate pricing procedure
  • Order management
  • Managing easy ship order
  • Managing self ship order
  • Managing order cancellation
  • Returns management
  • Procurement of packing materials
  • Customer orders: Do's and Don'ts
  • Customer orders: Best practices
  • Customer service procedure
  • Customer service: Best practices
  • Customer service Do's and Don'ts
  • Understanding the charges levied
  • Calculation methodology used for charges payable
  • Shipping options overview
  • Shipping charges payable
  • Calculation methodology of shipping charges
  • Feedback management overview
  • Buyer's feedback: Best solutions
  • Negative feedback removal
  • Claims management
  • A to z Guarantee claims overview
  • A to z Guarantee claim representations
  • SAFE-T claim overview
  • SAFE-T claim filing procedure
  • Buyer-seller communication system
  • Buyer-seller communication guidelines and procedure
  • How to win buy-box
  • Selling coach overview
  • Advertising overview
  • understanding multiple ways of advertising
  • Setting up of Ads
  • Creating lightning deals
  • Creating coupons
  • Fulfillment by Amazon services overview
  • Benefits and charges for FBA
  • Enrollment procedure for FBA
  • FBA business management
  • FBA reporting
  • Maintaining seller account health: Best practices
  • Performance parameters and evaluation
  • Avoid account suspension
  • Account reinstatement procedure
  • Writing POA
  • Business reporting overview
  • Business analytics
  • Tracking and reconciliation of payments

Course Price

INR 5000

Special price for Limited Time

INR 3500

5 Amazon FBA Mistakes You Must Avoid

What's Included + Bonuses

  • 16 Hours of extensive Live interactive online training
  • One year support from dedicated Amazon account manager - Priceless
  • Life time access to recorded videos available after the live session ends. - Priceless
  • E-book "5 Amazon FBA Mistakes You Must Avoid" - INR 299/-
  • Software for finding profit & loss from your Amazon FBA venture. - INR 1,499/-
  • Software for strategically setting your selling price to earn better profits on Amazon. - INR 1,499/-
  • Software for finding profits from your current set prices on Amazon. - INR 1,499/-
  • List of 5000+ highly in demand fast selling products on - INR 999/-
Course by Amazon Brought to you in association with Ielevate. Skypath is a franchise partner of Ielevate

Owing to the growing internet user base robust demographics and the favorable market conditions, India has a lot of potential in the e-commerce industry. Earlier India contributed approximately 50 billion US dollar market in 2018 which is expected to grow at an exponential rate to reach 200 billion US dollar value by the year 2027. The revenue collected per user in India in the year 2018 was more than 50 US dollars which is estimated to cross to go beyond 75 US dollars by the end of year 2024.

Amazon being one of the highest stake holders having a share of more than 31% in the Indian e-eCommerce industry needs to be explored by the budding eCommerce entrepreneurs to take advantage of booming eCommerce market. To cater to the needs and to upgrade the skills to grow your business online Amazon India has launched Amazon Trained eCommerce Specialist (ATES) program, which is one of its kind entrepreneurial leadership program to train individuals and business organizations for launching and mentoring new sellers for their business growth.

Course Objectives

  1. Learn and understand how the eCommerce industry works.
  2. Launch and Grow your eCommerce business on
  3. Launch new sellers and mentor them for their business growth on Amazon eCommerce platform
  4. Become eCommerce entrepreneur
  5. Open up a new dimension of business & career growth with immense potential in present & future scenario. 

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ATES Certification


After successful completion of the course, Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist (ATES) certificate will be delivered to you within 7 working days.


Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist (ATES) certificate will be directly delivered to you by the Amazon India.


Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist (ATES) certificate will remain valid for 1 year after which it can be renewed at your own preference.

What People Say About Amazon ATES!

prasanna Dalbanjan

Attended ATES program from SKYPATH and got very good knowledge about Amazon trained E-commerce Specialist platform… I got a trainer Mr. Ali Akbar Hamid sir who trained us great knowledge about working on Amazon Selling Platform.. it was a great experience.. passed with 90% gives me great pleasure… Keep it up with this Skypath….


Excellent ATES training, Mr. Ali Akbar has been great in delivery of concept through out the training. The best part is the positive attitude so solve the problems and doubts.

Jamila hariyanawala

I have taken amazon ATES training from skypath consultancy. My trainer was Ali Akbar Hamid. He was a wonderful trainer. I learned about doing e-commerce business in depth. After joining ates program, I have launched many sellers and it gave me opportunity to earn handsome income.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • Registration Process
    How should I get registered into the ATES course?

    Click on the enroll now button from the slide bar or at the end of the page to enroll yourself into the ATES program.
  • Requirement
    who can join this program?

    Any one can join this program whether you are individual or business organization and requires a basic knowledge of computer applications.
  • Duration
    What is the time duration of this entire program?

    This program can be completed in 16 hours, which can be divided in 2 days session of 8 hours or 4 days session of 4 hours each.
  • Leads
    Will amazon provide me customer leads or I have to search leads on my own?

    For on-boarding new sellers you have to find your own leads, Amazon may provide you leads as and when available for the existing sellers.
  • Getting Paid
    How will I get paid from Amazon or the sellers?

    Based on the turnover of your on-boarded sellers you will be getting paid by Amazon on 15th of the following month as per the payment schedule. However, you may charge any amount from the seller for providing your services to them as agreeable between you and the seller.
  • Working Hours
    What will be my work timing?

    You are your own boss and you can decide how many clients you want to serve and how many hours you want to work. More you work, more will be the returns.
  • Designation
    Whom I'll be working for, Amazon or the sellers?

    You are a freelance consultant and so are not working for anyone. The role of Amazon is to train you so that you provide high quality services to your clients.

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